About Us

Greetings, hikemasters! My name is Hermie Spooner, hiking guru of the finger lakes. You name it, I’ve hiked it. I’ve hiked the Adirondacks, the Appalachian Trail, the Grand Canyon, everywhere. Because I’ve run out of major hiking trails to experience, I’ve begun to branch out to experimental hiking. Lately I’ve been exploring the idea of hiking through golf courses. I like to show up right when the course opens and slowly make my way through with my hiking pack and my hiking cane. It can get pretty exciting out there when the busiest hours begin! You haven’t experienced the true breadth of hiking until you’ve had to dodge high-velocity golf balls raining down from all directions. The threat of impending concussion is a great way to get your adrenaline fix. I’ve founded rochesterhiking.net as a way to share my knowledge of the hiking world with your average internet layman. If you have ever gone hiking, thought about going hiking, or gone outdoors even once in your life, then this website is for you! So pick up your hiking cane and let’s get to it!


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