12 Reddit Questions About DACA – Legal Videos

If that happens then there’s a slim chance that the applicant is approved to apply for DACA renewal or DACA continuation.

Some people want to know what they could prove that they lived living in the United States in 2007 if they were not regularly attending an institution for primary education. This person could use various documents in order to verify that piece of evidence. A person can present the agency with a copy of a phone bill or his or her parents’ tax transcript. Leases and rental receipts are other ways of proving an individual’s status in America. United States.

There are people who want to know if they can travel for a trip to Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands without the need for advanced parole. This question depends on whether the flights for those destinations are changed to another country. It is possible that those flights to the United States could have problems when it comes to entry into the country. A knowledgeable DACA attorney can answer any queries you might have as well as assist you with obtaining or keeping DACA. 6jn14c8kfw.

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