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4. Quit Smoking. Smoking is the worst thing you can do to your health. However, did you know it could cause weight loss to be more difficult. A lot of people are aware that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health but continue to do it. There could be a reason why one smokes, or is a regular smoker that can’t remember the last time they smoked. No matter the reason people continue to smoke. They should not be discouraged from taking care of their health and working out for a healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing illness. Keep reading if of many trying to quit smoking before. This article go over the reason why quitting smoking is crucial for health and long-term care. The first step is recognizing the detrimental effects smoking cigarettes can have on your body. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths every year around the world. Smoking in North America is the number one cause of death from preventable cause. As time passes, the harmful chemicals present in cigarettes will deplete your body of its essential nutrition and trigger a myriad of serious diseases. The birth defects and reproductive problems are a result of smoking cigarettes. It interferes with the growth of your baby throughout pregnancies. Smoking may cause respiratory infections, colds, and asthma attacks among children more than those whose parents do not smoke. Smoking causes a significant impact on your lungs but is also responsible for the death of more people due to the heart diseases that are caused by smoking nicotine, or exposure to smoke from secondhand sources. Additionally, several types of cancer have been caused by smoking cigarettes, like leukemia, lymphoma and colorectal cancer (the third most frequent type of cancer found in humans). If all that wasn’t enough smoking also causes wrinkles, unpleasant breath and yellow teeth. Employers consider smokers to be unfit persons and therefore are more likely to recruit them. If you quit sm