A Look at How to Use a Fire Sprinkler System – Media Content Lab


The main valve closes all of the building, and it is the first thing people talk about when they speak. The bypass is situated above the location of the main valve located, but it is not shut off.

The initial step occurs when the sprinkler heads go off in the area to signal that there is an issue. The sprinkler head could blow or the fire can be put out. In order to shut off the valve that shuts off, a person must first activate it. It is then time to shut off the fire pump and the jockey pump. The jockey pump’s purpose is for pressure building if there is tension is lost across the building. The jockey pump will kick on , and then build pressure in order to stop the fire pump from exploding.

The machine is outfitted with floor control knobs , as well as buttons. They are able to isolate the separate floors to perform maintenance tasks. Each floor is equipped with its own separate valve for easier operation as well as isolation. The tech in the video provides a variety of helpful advice to individuals who will require to control the sprinkler systems within their homes.

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