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In the process of making ong>, make sure that the kitchen workers performing the work make use of stainless steel work surfaces. This material is resistant to corrosion. does not hold in bacteria from liquids from meat and food items and will withstand abrasive cleaning agents used.

For commercial kitchens, being able to access the food being prepared by each station is vital and that is why it is essential for kitchen counters that are low for food preparation which have mini-refrigerators under. Some establishments have refrigerators built in the counter.

You can select plastic or cutting boards made of hardwood as cutting surface. Plastic boards are easy to disinfect, while hardwood boards don’t easily develop grooves but require thorough cleaning when in comparison to plastic boards. Cutting boards should be colored so that cross-contamination is not a problem.

for meats and vegetables green is most commonly used. The color yellow for poultry is pink for fish, blue for beef, and yellow for chickens. Countertops and cabinets in the kitchen are also a crucial part of kitchen equipment because they offer the necessary storage space for all your necessities. If you have enough countertop and cabinet space, it’s easier to keep the kitchen organized. It also makes locating things faster as well as completing your cooking chores significantly more efficiently.


For cooking in the kitchen at home or in a restaurant cooking, pans are an indispensable piece of equipment. Restaurants and hotels host many people each throughout the day. Thus, the chefs have to be fast enough to handle demands from customers and prepare meals swiftly using huge apparatus and intense temperatures. In order to achieve this the chef needs high-quality, durable pans able to withstand long-term use and require the least amount of care.

Below are the four finest pans that you should consider.

1. Pans made of stainless steel. They are resistant to extreme temperatures, and don’t get rusty, making them extremely durable. It is also possible to use them to cook your meals because they are rust-proof.


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