Curious How Bail Bonds Work? Heres How – Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

In the event of being detained they can choose to pay in bail. It is just a specific amount that is payable to the court ensure that the person will show up on their court date.

In some instances the bail amount could be very high, which makes it difficult for the individual or their family to get the cash. Bail bonds can come in. This video is helpful and will do a wonderful job explaining the process of bail bonds in an easy-to-understand manner.

Bail bonds are a loan used to cover the cost of bail. In the event that the defendant can’t afford the bail sum, they can reach out to a bail bond firm. The bail bond business will provide bail to the defendant. In exchange, it will be charged the defendant with the fee, which is non-refundable (usually approximately 10 10% of the bail).

If the defendant shows up for court, the bail amount is given back to the bail bond firm. The court may create an arrest warrant the defendant in case they do not show up. In the event of this happening bail bond firms will seek to track down the accused and then take their case to the court. zfjjtjiotb.

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