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You are now ready for your first fitting. Then, let the tailor adjust the dress before going back for the next fitting.
Find Wedding Party Favors

The sum you invest in the wedding party gift ideas is up to you, but regardless of your budget, you should aim to provide something that is as useful, thoughtful and personalized as is possible.

Make the wedding playlist

The list of items includes an audio playlist. The time is now to decide on songs that you would like to use for musical events like your first wedding dance, your procession and recessional song, parent songs for dancing, and the music for the wedding’s departure. The music suggestions should be communicated promptly in order to allow musicians and DJ sufficient time to prepare.

One Month Before the Wedding Then, you can fit the second dress as well as purchase additional accessories

You must ensure the gown properly fitted and get accessories, like shoes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Select a judicious decision about your wedding shoe as these are the footwear you’ll be wearing for the entire day. As you are going for elegant attire, make sure they’re comfortable as well.

Create A Seating Plan

You should ensure you are in the know about where every guest is seated at each stage of planning. Your finalized seating plan is an important item on the comprehensive checklist for wedding organizing.

Final Week

Congratulations! You’re almost done with the whole wedding planning process. A majority of the tasks are already done. Only left are finishing the final details like final wedding outfit fittings or a body-spray as well as packing for your honeymoon as well as writing your vows.

Wedding Day: The Day of the Wedding

You’ve finished the thorough checklist and are now ready for the celebration! You are now ready to party!


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