How to Brush at Home When You Have Braces – El Paso Family Dentistry News

The dental center provides you with a package consisting of hygiene tools, such as the floss and toothbrush as well as threaders, wax, and the proxabrush. This video will show you how to take care of your teeth.

When you brush your teeth you should move the toothbrush in a circular motion and turn it in three positions such as the top of the braces and the lower part of the braces, and the braces’ front. It is recommended to spend at least 30 seconds at each position.

Begin at the top of the braces. Press down onto the toothbrush, applying just enough pressure to get the tips of the bristles underneath the wires. Then, scrub from one side one side to the next numerous times. After that, brush under the braces using similar tension and speed. Finally, brush across the top of the braces, repeating both of these steps.

The brushing of your teeth every 2-3 minutes can be enough to make sure that every surface of the tooth has been cleaned. Brushing should be done after eating, at least 3 times per day. If you wear braces you’re now aware of how to take care of your teeth.


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