Invisalign vs Spark Clear Aligners – US Aloe

It is because they are visually appealing. Invisalign as well as Spark Aligners are covered in this video for teens.

Invisalign aligners can be difficult to discern, but Spark Aligners are barely visible. Spark makes use of TruGen(tm) material that provides aligners with a longer and last longer, are more comfortable as well as being stain-resistant. Invisalign makes use of SmartTrack plastic and is protected by a patent. This material was specifically made to provide smooth, rapid tooth movement.

Spark Aligners can be more comfortable to wear as compared to Invisalign due to their less in thickness. In addition, they have better contacts with your teeth which results in better continuous retention of force. Costs for both of these options can be different dependent on the specifics of the patient’s requires. Patients can expect to invest a few thousand dollars each for both treatments.

There are a variety of options available of Invisalign. Spark Aligner needs a more advanced level of training so only orthodontists can provide this service.

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