San Jose Gun Liability Insurance Law – Law Terminology

Insurance for gun owners. It also includes fees of between $25-$35 that contribute to the institutions that to educate the public about gun safety as well as assist victims of violence involving guns.

The aim is to assist the victims of gun violence and cut down on costs for the general public of things such as medical or police responses to violence resulting from guns. The mayor points to the increasing risk of homicides and suicides within households where guns are present as the reason for the added fees.

The law refers loosely to the requirements drivers must fulfill in order for them have the ability to drive legally. People can similarly lower their cost of gun liability insurance by attending courses in safety or having secured gun storage facilities inside their homes.

The law will be litigated in court from gun-owners who believe they are unfairly punished by law-abiding citizens who are victims of gun violence by a smaller percentage of the population. Go to the hyperlink above to find out more.


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