Search Engine Optimization 101 – Morgantown WV Business News

SEO is an absolute important factor to build your client base. This video is a quick outline of SEO 101. The video is well-produced and provides a great deal of details that can help you implement a productive SEO campaign. The following will summarize some of the most important points from the video.

Keywords form the basis of SEO. These are the words and phrases that people will type into Google to find the goods or services you offer. They will need to search for these keywords in order to discover these keywords. Link-building is another important aspect of SEO. The goal is to incorporate links within your articles that lead to reliable and informative websites. You will rank higher when you add more links. Finally, you must have content that people want to go through. Content that motivates to educate, motivates and inspires others is what gets discussed and mentioned. Also, you must ensure that your content stays current so that it does not lose its relevance and become obsolete. This is how you can begin the search engine optimization strategy.


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