What Are the Most Expensive Private Schools? – Finance Video

That’s fantastic! However, did you realize that there are schools even higher in cost than the top local private schools? Let’s look over a few of the world’s most expensive private schools.
The American School is the first of our schools. The school is located within the Swiss mountains. It is an exclusive private school with fine art as its focus. It is both a school for day as well as boarding students. This allows foreign and local families to send their children. It has around 700 students within the student body at any given time and come from all around the world.
Following on comes Think Global Schools, which does not have its roots in one particular location. It’s among the most unique schools anywhere in the world. When enrolled, students will travel all over the world to pursue their education. They’ll study in up to 12 different countries, and will live in 4 different countries each academic year. This truly is a remarkable (and costly) schooling. fe6ph1kx84.

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