What Goes On Behind the Scenes of an Alkaline Battery Recycling Company

This video explains what’s like inside an alkaline battery recycling company.

The company recycles all types of batteries including AAA batteries that you use every day up to automobile batteries! The unique recycling system of the company is thought to be among the greenest in the world. Every component of the battery can be recycled and none goes to landfill.

There’s only a couple of recyclers of batteries around the entire country! They receive the vast majority of lithium-ion types of batteries. The batteries are typically shredded or crushed with a Hammer. The batteries are then immersed in a specific type of liquid, neutralizing electrolytes, making the material easier to use.

The film is filled with entertaining facts that will educate the viewer about how many Americans actually use batteries. Every every year Americans buy more than 3 billion dry cell batteries! jdhag92f3b.

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