What to Avoid When Using a Child Support Lawyer – Legal News Letter


An attorney. Many times, parents try to get the child support amount reduced through an attorney, but it’s not working. At least, there are three mistakes that could lead to this to occur.

In attempting to change child support, the primary error people commit is not providing their financial records. For the most accurate choice, judges need to determine how much each parent earns in order to decide if the state guidelines are followed, and whether the child’s welfare is most in the parents’ interests.

A different mistake some child support recipients commit is leaving their positions. In reality, the judge is under no obligation to reduce a child support payments just because they left a current work. The judge could decide to keep child support payments exactly as they were designed to be, even the person is fired from a job.

Another mistake that can lead to adverse results is to refuse to pay child support while waiting for a change. It is not wise for someone to not to provide child support while waiting for a case. The judge could be compelled to increase the amount due instead of cutting it down.

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