Why Are Cooling Towers Used and in Which Contexts? – Cleveland Internships


A prime example of an industry that has utilized cooling towers for a long time is the oil and gas industry. They are utilized to extract heat from any cooling systems that are in operation. For oil to be produced at the top quality, an oil refinery needs to produce an oil production capacity of 40,000 tonnes every day. This requires cooling towers which can accommodate up to 80,000 cubic meters of water. Food processing plants along with industrial complexes and industries are also utilizing cooling towers. Any process that involves heavy use of petrochemicals Semi-conductors, heat-producing materials requires cooling towers to stop breakages.

Two varieties of cooling tower include a “wet cooling tower,” as well as a “closed circuit” cooling tower. The closed circuit type has an air cooler and water spray down tubing which liquid flows through. The “wet” kind has the same basic principles but is isolated from the outside.

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