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The filing process for bankruptcy is not an easy process meaning that you might need an excellent lawyer to help to navigate through the complicated procedures. But first, you need to be familiar with bankruptcy and how it works.

There are two forms of bankruptcy that can be filed in bankruptcy: Chapter 7 and 13. Straight bankruptcy is Chapter 7. This involves using the proceeds from your movable assets to reduce your debts. This option may not be sufficient to pay all of your debts, yet you could lose all your property. Chapter 13 bankruptcy on the other hand lets you keep your property for total or partial debt repayment.

What are the consequences of bankruptcy and IRS debt? The filing for bankruptcy will have minimal effect on tax-related debts. The bankruptcy process and state taxes don’t affect the other. In the end, you’ll have to fulfill your tax obligations regardless. Additionally, you’ll need to pay state-ordered alimony student loans, as well as child support. As such, it would be advisable to be cautious before filing for bankruptcy. This could build or demolish your financial armoury. jsgsmquyms.

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