Can Hiking Rochester NY Treat your Depression?

Rochester ny hiking

Hiking Rochester NY is a breathtaking adventure awaiting you. There are many beautiful trails just outside of the city lush with scenic opportunities. Hiking trails Rochester has to offer are as lovely for relaxation as they are prime for exercise. Hiking is a great way to stay in shape. Hiking Rochester NY, both uphill and downhill, has been shown to significantly reduce bad cholesterol levels, and hiking uphill reduces triglyceride levels. To remove blood sugars and improve glucose tolerance, hiking downhill is surprisingly the answer. Hiking Rochester NY can improve health in numerous ways.

Rochester hiking trails may also provide you with emotional and mental health benefits as well. A study conducted by the University of Essex focused on those with clinical depression. The study compared a group of walkers who hiked around a lake, through the woods and a group of walkers who went through a shopping mall. The group who hiked in nature had decreased levels of depression, whereas the group who walked through the shopping mall actually had increased levels of depression. 71 percent of subjects in the hiking group reported a decrease in depression and 22 percent of subjects in the mall group reported an increase and when self esteem was measured, the numbers were of a 99 percent increase in nature and a 44 percent decrease in the mall.

Hiking Rochester NY clearly has many health benefits and there are an ample amount of trails to try on for size. In our city, where the weather is often so glum and grey, it is good news that hiking Rochester NY can help combat some of the depression which comes with it! Find a healthier, happier you as soon as you begin hiking Rochester NY and discovering just how wonderful this area truly is. On the joys of hiking, the poet William Wordsworth writes in “Cambridge and the Alps”:

In summer, making quest for works of art,
Or scenes renowned for beauty, I explore
That streamlet whose blue current works its way
Between romantic Dovedale’s spiry rocks;
Pried into Yorkshire dales, or hidden tracts
Of my own native region, and was blest
Between these sundry wanderings with a joy
Above all joys, that seemed another morn

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