Three of My Favorite Hiking Trails in All of the Great City of Rochester

Hiking trails rochester

I love the Rochester hiking trails that you can do. There are tons of great spots around, and all you have to do is look around online or talk to someone. If you were to google “hiking Rochester NY” you would come up with some amazing paths to take you through the great forests and woods that we have around Western New York.

Here is three of my favorite Rochester hiking trails that you can take.

1. Tryon Park. These hiking trails are especially popular to bikers who are looking for new challenges. A lot of professional, semi professional, novice and amateurs go down there, and will make courses and jumps in addition to the trails.

2. Highland Park. Home of the Lilac Festival, the Rochester hiking trails offered here are much more for people looking to go hiking properly and not just via bike. I personally prefer to take the Rochester hiking trail around the reservoir, which is paved and not really all that outdoorsy, but it offers one of the best views of Rochester around.

3. Down by Webster Bay. I used to take these Rochester hiking trails back when I was a day camper with the YMCA. This was my first, real, proper hiking experience. I used to know those trails by heart, and they would offer great exercise and a variety of awesome sites that feel much, much deeper and secluded than they really are.

What other Rochester hiking trails do you enjoy that I might not have mentioned here? Please share in the comments.

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